Our services

Our promise has been evident since we started in 2007. We guarantee to deliver results, always. With a balance between online and offline media, we assess your needs and enable you to move effortlessly in the dynamic media world.

We advise, implement and execute to enhance the relevance of your brand and effectively increase exposure. While we enjoy long-term partnerships with our clients, we also deploy our services and network on a project basis.

PR & Storytelling

Generating stories

Based on our personal and powerful media relations, we can guarantee high-level results and key editorial placements that meet the unique needs of every client. Our approach is strategic yet creative. For over a decade, we’ve aimed for and attained the best results. Proactive and driven by passion, we report in great detail, evaluate based on KPIs and adjust when necessary. The content we create is sure to be effective and memorable. By always being on top of things, we know how to pitch the best suiting story and catch the right editorial placement opportunities across all possible media channels, all the time.

Influencer Marketing

Brand ambassadors

With influencer campaigns that are strategic and aligned to drive maximum brand awareness, we connect your brand’s story to your audience and increase visibility. We secure the best talent at preferred rates while maintaining personal relationships with a range of micro and mega influencers on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. Campaigns are constantly monitored and tracked closely, while we make sure to select influencers and channels that match your brand and vision. Using content that genuinely resonates and engages with your community, the reach, engagement and growth of your brand’s social media presence are sure to be extended.

Social Media & Content Studio

Online community and identity

At MOOI the agency, we’re very passionate about social media and know the market well and truly. The aim is to leverage your brand’s social media channels to educate and provide value. One of our agency’s greatest strengths is that we possess all the facets of creating the desired social media exposure. Our social media specialists know how to grow your community and turn them into dedicated brand ambassadors. We take care of all aspects by creating kick-ass content, deploying it based on a well-thought-out content plan, and being experts in social media advertising and growth hacking.

Events & Brand Experience

Crafting experiences

Brand events are a perfect way to connect to your audience. Whether your brand needs a spectacular launch party, intimate lunch with valuable networking opportunities, a product launch or store opening, we know how to make it happen. With an individual approach and structured method, we create unique concepts, turning them into unforgettable brand events. Invitees are sure to enjoy an immersive experience, from the invitation to the on-site experience. Be it physical, online or hybrid. We promise a memorable event that meets your needs.

Media Buying

Creating exposure

Amplifying your brand awareness through the use of media exposure starts with a well-designed strategy. We help you identify the best suiting media outlets for your brand and develop tailor-made strategies to launch campaigns that make a real difference. With innovative ideas and creative solutions, we make sure to optimize your budget and amplify exposure.