Libbey Influencer Dinner

Libbey Glassware

Influencer Dinner

Creating awareness and buzz around their newest glassware collection

To introduce the newest glassware collection by Libbey Glassware, we organized a brand event in the form of an influencer dinner.

The experience

Together with influencer Arielle Danique we organized a Pre-Valentine’s Day-themed dinner. The dinner was intended to generate awareness for the brand and introduce their new glassware collection. We created an Instagrammable setting, where Arielle and her befriended influencers could create content together while enjoying food and cocktails served in the new Glassware collection.

The atmosphere of the dinner was cozy and chic, with beautiful table decorations to finish off the look and feel of the brand. It ended up being very successful as beautiful content was created and shared while invited influencers were now able to recognize the familiar quality glassware as Libbey’s, which really put it on the map.

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“Food, cocktails and fashionable glassware in an Instagramable setting.”