Living the life of a celebrity

Link, Vijf890, The Right Place and Hearst are making it happen. They come up with the new concept The Boxing Club. Consumers can now order boxes filled with brands and products from their favorite influencers, artists and athletes. The first box was put together in collaboration with Monica Geuze. In my videos there have been unboxings for years with packages from the most beautiful brands. That is one of the best things of my job! I would like my viewers to have that same unboxing experience,’ Monica says. Discover THE FAVES OF MONICA.

Natural beauty

Swedish fashion brand Na-kd launches its own beauty brand called NKD/BTY. Na-kd developed the collection as a counter-reaction to the “world of filters and artificial beauty. With the beauty line, the brand wants to propagate that everyone can be themselves and that beauty flaws do not exist. The first collection, which was developed without animal testing and with vegan ingredients in mind, is available from December 10. Curious about the first collection? You can check out the PRODUCTS here.

SEO trends

Google kept announcing new updates over the past year. Frankwatching therefore thought it was time to look at what has changed in the SEO landscape. For example, they show that Google remains the market leader when it comes to search engines. The emergence and growth of new search engines such as DuckDuckGo do not seem relevant for now. Another development is that more searches are conducted via mobile than desktop these days. Therefore, search results on mobile and desktop will be even more different in 2020 than in 2019. Do you want to adjust your SEO strategy in 2020? Then read all the other developments in the following ARTICLE.

Target audience remains key focus

In recent years there have been so many developments in the field of social media, that as a marketer you can sometimes lose focus. The ever-changing algorithm, engagement rates, influencer marketing and fake followers: we all want to keep up. During the ‘Emerce Update: #5 Instagram’ various marketers talked about the focus of social content. Together they came to the conclusion: know your target group. Once you know what moves your target group, you know how to reach them and how to interact with them. Curious how Hema and bring focus to their social content? Read it in this article on FRANKWATCHING.NL.

Social for the good

For years there have been negative noises about social media use among young people. Young people are said to be more tired by social media use, perform less well at school and develop negative feelings about themselves, such as insecurity. Research now shows that a minority of young people develop negative feelings and look at themselves more positively through the use of social media. Also, young people report becoming inspired (41 percent) or proud of themselves (40 percent) after using social media. So why is the coverage of social media so negative? You can read about that in this ARTICLE.

A peek into the life of…

Documentary maker Laura Veenema followed the three influencers in their daily lives for a year. Qucee, Kaj Gorgels and Juultje Tieleman talk about their dreams and ambitions, but also about their insecurities as people and influencers. Is this rightfully one of the most popular ‘professions’ among young people? You can find the documentary on VIDEOLAND.NL.

What do you think? Does social media have positive or negative effects on your self-image? And will you change your SEO strategy after the trendupdate from Frankwatching? Don’t hesitate to share other interesting articles with us. And otherwise; see you next week!

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