Look! A vlogging 50-plusser

The marketer who wants to use an online influencer campaign for the 50-plus target group does not currently have much choice of influencers who appeal to and reach this group. But this will soon change; the vlogging 50-plusser is on the rise. This group is discovering social media and the new online possibilities. They are in the middle of life, open-minded and eager to learn more about digital life. But we are not there yet. Without underestimating the new generation of seniors, we can see that certain new media are still going too fast for them. Some apps or social media are difficult for them to understand and if it does not provide them with enough ‘extra’ benefits they will not embrace it. Older people use youtube, for example, if they are looking for specific information and click through to a video; but they do not subscribe to a channel because they think it costs money and they do not see the benefit. Similarly, a medium like instagram is only used by a small percentage of older people. If few of their friends and peers use an app like instragram, it is not relevant enough.

Older people can be reached online

You can reach older people well through email such as a newsletter. The digital mailbox is now well established among the over-50s. The target group likes to get information and inspiration online; they use laptops, tablets and smartphones to do so. And what carries a lot of weight is the opinions and experiences of others, especially peers. A large group of older people use facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. So an original facebook campaign aimed at older people works. They also use search engines and read testimonials to learn more about products they are considering purchasing. They get information from blogs and compare prices. Older people spend their money consciously and are brand loyal. Tools such as seo, sea and affiliate marketing can definitely be used by marketers.


Seniors really know they are not 25 anymore; but they don’t necessarily want to be addressed by their age. They often feel much younger than they are. Other pitfalls in communicating to people over 50 are:

  • Get rid of the embellishments: make your message real, just say what it is and use real people with wrinkles, imperfections and no killer body;
  • Good information is important, it must be immediately understandable. Tell it like it is, otherwise people over 50 will drop out;
  • Don’t use English terms, speak Dutch;
  • Originality is appreciated and so is a good dose of humor.

In short, immerse yourself in the 50-plusser.

This article was written by Sharon van Eeghen-Rosier – co-owner Mooi The Agency:experts in influencer marketing, social media, pr, storytelling & events.

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