Thousands of one-person publishers

There is no official definition yet for influencer marketing in the marking literature. That of PR (public relations) is as follows; PR is the systematic promotion of mutual understanding between an organization and its audiences. So that’s exactly the same thing you want to achieve with influencer marketing. Did you previously build a relationship with a journalist or inspiration in a certain field, you are now doing exactly the same with influencers. You build a relationship or collaboration with the social influencers who fit your brand or campaign. Together you look at what storytelling and content is interesting for the followers. Just like you still do with a journalist and the media in question. Nothing new under the sun. The only thing is that a lot of one-person publishers have joined with a vlog, Instagram account or YouTube channel, so you can have fun as a PR professional or influencer specialist. You’ve gotten a little busier besides the traditional media landscape to spread your message to engage with the right influencers. Good news right!

Fast influencer scene

In the beauty and fashion scene, trends often emerge first. The first bloggers and vloggers were in this umbrella. The social channels and followers switch channels quickly and the professional influencers move along at high speed and adapt their channels to where the followers are. This makes the social media influencer landscape very dynamic and large influencers with an interesting group of followers can emerge in a reasonably short period of time. Mooi The Agency has been following this fast-paced influencer scene for several years. We quickly see when an influencer has the X factor, creates content that engages and gets his followers moving.

Because of our PR background we are pro’s in building close relationships and linking the right influencers to brands and create true brand ambassadors. In our opinion, a one shot post does not create the engagement you make an impact with. Increasingly, we are using micro influencers and consumers who are brand lovers to work together. The data systems we work with help us find these brand lovers.

Influencer marketing and PR therefore fit together seamlessly. The days of sending out a press release and expecting it to result in free publicity are long gone. In addition to PR and influencer marketing, we also provide experience marketing and manage our clients’ social media channels. That’s why we found that the title PR no longer fits 100% with what we do and why we changed our name to Mooi The Agency on our 10th anniversary this year. We still work for beautiful brands, with beautiful products that tell a beautiful story.

Mooi The Agency started 10 years ago as a traditional PR agency and works for beautiful brands like Clinique, Hunkemoller, Omoda, Etos, Bobbi Brown, Omega, NARS and Guhl.

This article was written by Melissa Slotemaker, owner MOOI THE AGENCY, PR & influencer specialist.

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