Don’t focus on reach

A-listers among influencers are what you need if you want to create brand awareness quickly, need a boost in sales in the short term or if you want to engage the followers of a major influencer at a store opening. But don’t stare blindly at reach. The micro-influencers with about 1,000 to 10,000 followers can play an important role in a marketing strategy. Within their community they are seen as experts, they are credible, they create highly relevant content for their followers and have a high engagement rate. Micro-influencers do not reach the masses, but when it comes to recommendations, followers find the advice of a micro-influencer more valuable. Micro-influencers are closer to their community and have a lot of interaction with followers. This is precisely what makes this group so interesting. This form of communication can be seen or compared to word-of-mouth or peer-to-peer communication. Someone within your Inner Circle who recommends something, you are more likely to trust than a celeb or YouTube hero who is far away from you. Therefore, micro-influencers strongly influence the decision making process within their small community. Their passion and enthusiasm are undeniable. So when the goal is to build a real connection with followers, engage them with your brand or position the brand in a particular market, a brand advocates program with micro influencers is definitely an effective strategy.

Where are they?

The big question remains; how do I find that enthusiastic micro-influencer that fits my brand? That’s a time-consuming scouting job. Mooi The Agency knows how to make the right match in the field of fashion, beauty & lifestyle. We choose socially active micro-influencers who are already fans of the specific brand or product group before there is a collaboration. We choose multiple micro-influencers with whom we build a personal long-term relationship. This group of micro-influencers are our VIPs. We organize special get togethers for them, they have access to exclusive content and they can be the first to test or receive a new collection. They are given a stage by the brand in question, which allows them to grow themselves. We ensure that the collaboration is a win-win for both parties. Just sending them some products is not enough; building a friendship is the goal.

This article was written by Sharon van Eeghen-Rosier – Co-owner Mooi The Agency. Experts in influencer marketing, social media, PR, storytelling & events.

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