Dancin videos, songs, creative hacks – at first glance TikTok might not seem like a platform you want to associate your brand with. But despite being ridiculed in the beginning, the platform has managed to grow tremendously. It has more than 3 million active users in The Netherlands and is primarily popular amongst Gen Z, but also has a large number of Milennial users.

The platform is mainly successful due to its creativity, spontaneity and humor. TikTok is very different to for example Instagram, that has a more polished and professional look and aesthetic. What initially started as a dancing and lip-syncing app, has now grown into a platform with a wide number of formats in categories such as beauty, traveling, fashion, food and animals. Memes, challenges and pranks go viral across the planet on a daily basis. The content – mainly created by young users – is quirky, spontaneous and different and manages to reach a target audience that is hard to grasp for businesses. More than half of TikTok’s users is younger than 25. Due to this, TikTok might not be the most interesting marketing platform for brands and businesses that target a mature audience. But if your products or services are intended for a young audience, you can use the platform to successfully attract new customers.

Influencers on TikTok

Influencers are an important tool you can use to target TikTok users. It is important for brands and businesses to understand which influencers is the best fit and who will create the right type of content. Previously, influencers gained popularity by sharing dancing and lip-syncing videos. But nowadays, more and more influencers are focusing on a specific niche. This makes it easier for brands to reach their desired target audience.

The TikTok algorithm

The great thing about TikTok is that is its not important to have lots of likes or followers. Based on your viewing habits, the algorithm decides who it will show your video. It is therefore important to create likeable, fun or interesting videos that will appeal to your target audience. Visibility is what matters for brands and businesses. TikTok offers a number of ways to grow your visibility. Succesfully setting up and growing your account requires time and patience. Staying up to date to the latest TikTok trends and creating several posts per week is important to achieve this. And most importantly – make sure to be creative!

Long story short – be bold and experiment! Would you like our TikTok advice? Get in touch!