Estée Lauder Brand Event

Estée Lauder

Christmas Brand Event

Showcase the upcoming product launches of their various brands.

For Estee Lauder, we used the holiday season as a wonderful opportunity to highlight upcoming releases of the various brands and round off the year in gratitude.

The experience

By transforming Fabienne Chapot’s showroom into an Estée Lauder Christmas Fair, press and influencers had the opportunity to be entertainingly presented with the upcoming launches of the respective brands.

In addition, guests had the opportunity to use the products and enjoy a beauty makeover at the various stands. The event was filled with gifts and good vibes, and the ambience and decor ensured a huge amount of content. During the event and in the weeks that followed, various content and publications were published and shared, increasing exposure and sales for Estée Lauder and their labels.

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“Wandering through various brand stands for the ultimate Estée Lauder experience.”