Nelson New Collection Season


Brand Events

Launch of new seasonal collections

To mark the launch of Nelson’s new collections in a special way, we organized a multiple-day brand event and mobile event on wheels.

The experience

Based on predefined KPIs and a strategic concept that Nelson was very excited about, we organized the multiple-day event ‘Boots In the Woods and the mobile event ‘Spring On Wheels’. Both events were designed to introduce the Nelson autumn and spring season collections in an unforgettable way.

For Boots In The Woods we hosted a cosy sleepover at Het Wylde Pad where we invited a selection of well-known influencers to learn more about the Nelson autumn collection and upcoming trends. They enjoyed a relaxed and laid back outdoor weekend with various activities, including Dutch games, a bonfire and a barbecue.

The mobile event ‘Spring On Wheels’ provided an exclusive mobile Nelson shopping experience. The mobile shoe shop was driven to various places where selected influencers could shop the Nelson Spring collection and create content while doing so. The ‘Spring On Wheels’ truck allowed the most convenient access to the event by delivering the experience directly to the doorstep without any hassle for the invitees.

The events were both engaging and inspiring and resulted in beautiful content, exposure and more traffic and sales for Nelson.

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“On wheels and in the woods, the Nelson brand events were created at unique locations.”